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Music Video Daw! Lambingan with Panget. ( a thousand years) :D

Iloveyouuu <3 Advance Happy 8th monthsary :DD

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"Forever you and me. Shariffa P. Atienza"
STOP&#160;!! :&#171;

STOP !! :«

"Don’t you think? Why do destiny let us met if it wasn’t for nothing?"
"The day you left. Is the worst day of my life. :("
"Seeing you everyday without even noticing me kills me inside."

Another just past. And still i cannot forget what happened yesterday. Yes! I know I’ve done so many bad things in life and i know it turns wrong and undefined. Hurting the person that once means everything about you just suddenly turns UNCONDITIONALLY BROKE and EVENTUALLY gone. 

But yo know what is the best part of being me? It is to see the person that i love Happy WITHOUT ME. I can’t help myself about moving on. It’s hard. Specially when i know i still love you. I love you. not her, not anyone else. But you. I’ve changed a lot i know. But deep inside it’s still me. I just want you to know that i can live without you. Trying not for you to see that i’m WEAK and DUMB-ASS . I LOVE YOU. YOU KNOW I DO. But we can;t be together anymore. Cause it’s so wrong and i’m so weak. I’m so tired. And i know everything happens for a reason.

"I love you. Even you don’t understand the meaning of it"
What am i supposed to do?

Everyday i see you, Everyday we walk at the same path. In order for you to ignore me, you’ll look straight ahead caring not to see me. It hurts me a lot . But you just don’t know why. Thinking that i really don’t care about you. thinking that “YOU’RE JUST MY PAST TIME”. But you’re not. Every single time i see your charming face, my heart beats so fast that i couldn’t even control it. Asking myself why? Why can’t i just keep myself away from you? I’m in a relationship i know. But everytime i use to see you. can i just rewind my life and bring it back. And all i want is to be with you. Deep inside me it hurts a lot. Yes it does. Cause everytime i use to see you i always feel guilt in my self. I shouldn’t have done this. i should hae kept what i feel about  you. Cause i know everything is SO WRONG. I don’t know where to start again. Or should i just let go of my feelings and ignore you whenever i see you. My MIND says "JUST IGNORE HER" but my HEART says "JUST LOOK AT HER UNTIL YOU CAN" Just tell me, what is in you that i can’t even let go of? You were just a SIMPLE girl that i just met. But i can’t just resist to see you, i want to hold you, to talk to you, to have some quality time with you. But i just can’t. We just can’t. tell me. “HOW DO I UNLOVE YOU?”

Let&#8217;s just travel and go away from here. :))) 

Let’s just travel and go away from here. :))) 

"I am so sick and tired of doing this crazy shit. :’("
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"How am i supposed to get rid of you? :’("


Good Morning. 
Happy Sunday.

Good Morning.
Happy Sunday.